New Year, Still Me

The last few weeks have been a mix of busy, crazy, family and forced rest. Some exciting and positive developments are taking place, as well as some positive steps towards my future.

Cancer Update: I have officially completed 15 chemotherapy treatments and I now only have 1 chemo treatment left! Yay!! I am getting soft baby hairs growing back on my head. So soft that when I’m alone I find myself stroking my own head, strange, I know, but it’s been a while since I’ve had hair on my head now. I was finally getting used to being bald.

I had an ultrasound and ECG done on my heart late last year and they found that I had lowered heart function. This explains the shortness of breath when exerting myself, even the smallest amount. It also explains why I “fade” or lose all momentum and energy after a couple of hours, why I get tired so easily and I have to stop and rest not push through. While this sounds a little scary, I was finally able to see a cardiologist yesterday and he assured me it’s not quite as bad as we originally thought. I will be on two kinds of heart medications for at least the next few years, but it could be a lot worse. I am able to slowly workout and build up my fitness again, but I have to listen to my body and not push too hard. Basically, I need to learn to stop and listen to my body… this will be a little easier after chemo than it would have been for me to do this 6 months ago!

I have my planning meeting for my radiation treatment in a couple of weeks and they are anticipating that I will be doing four weeks of daily (Monday – Friday) treatment. It isn’t as long or intensive as chemo, so I shouldn’t feel too bad. After radiation, I will only have to have Herceptin treatment every three weeks for roughly twelve months, and then I am completely done with active treatment. Yay!!!

Life Update: I have been researching and actively looking into what I would like to do with my life, career, and future. I have realised that I have been making more positive and present decisions in my life recently to actively make my life easier and better for me. These decisions could simply be how I choose to react to situations, who I choose to share my thoughts and feelings with, how I choose to try and spend the day. I say try, because sometimes even the best intentions can be foiled, especially when your health isn’t 100%.

With my career I have been looking into ways that I can work towards my ideal goal of being paid for my writing. I have had a few exciting opportunities I have been actively seeking the last few weeks and I received some good news in regard to two of these last week and this week. I will be sharing these with you all soon, but one thing I can say is that I am absolutely stoked! I have also been looking into ways I can further my interest in helping people and turning this into a career. I have started a short online course doing health, wellness and life coaching. So far this is quite interesting, and I am enjoying it. I will hopefully be cleared to start working again by the end of this month!!

I have also been consciously spending time with the people in my life who honestly care about my wellbeing and have the best intentions. I have been noticing how I feel before, during and after seeing or talking to people and whether or not this is a short-term development or something that I have been ignoring for a while. While this might sound selfish, I am also conscious of how I am acting, speaking and responding when I am around people. Making a conscious effort to take note of this and reflect on whether or not this is how I want to be.

While it might seem like I am making a lot of changes, this isn’t a recent development. I have been consciously and positively working on myself over the last three or four years now. I have a few special people in my life who have helped and supported me on this journey, some without even knowing it, I’m sure. I try and surround myself with honest and trustworthy people, and I try to do the same for the people in my life. While many people say they surround themselves with positive people, and I admire and try to do the same, no one can be 100% positive at all times and always lift you up, you need to do the same for the people around you. And sometimes honesty and realistic points of view are more valuable than positivity.

I will be aiming to update this blog at least once a fortnight. As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for content, hit me up on the contact page 🙂

Samm xo

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